The Cavalli Stud Farm and Training facility is situated on over 110 hectares of land, supporting vineyards and olive groves together with vast expanses of newly introduced indigenous landscaping and over 400 newly planted mature trees.

The training facility includes an indoor training arena attached to 20 state of the art stables. The design concept informing the architecture of the stables was that of a space that facilitated as much harmony within the lives of its four-legged residents as could be achieved, in what is effectively a disciplined and rigorously run training barn.

A palette of structural steel buffered with the warmth of grey-oiled timber cladding creates a space that’s architecturally honest to its innately ‘barn’-like’ function whilst being context appropriate and aesthetically pleasing.
Natural light and ventilation were capitalized on through use of high-level windows, a central massive skylight and strategically positioned louvres to create a space that stays comfortable and practical to maintain year round.

Stables were designed with as many interactive opportunities for the horses as possible, who are by nature innately sociable creatures. Stables have dual frontage, with front stable doors designed to be full-frontage custom stainless steel bar sliding doors; and rear stable doors opening onto 10m long “run-out” pens. Automatic watering and feeding systems allow fresh and ad-lib food and water supply in a hygienic and efficient manner.

Dust levels are kept at a minimum with the utilization of an innovative wax-fibre arena floor footing material whilst providing an unparalleled surface for training stability and equine joint support. Seamless poured-rubber flooring keeps stable floors warm and offset the need for extra dust-generating bedding material.

Horses are conditioned to respect the distinction between ‘training-time’ and ‘relaxing-time’ through use of a “Ready Room” where all tacking up is done in preparation for training. The stable remains their private space exclusively for rest and feed. Consequently the mutual respect between trainer and horse for the boundaries created and what is expected result in a far more productive and harmonious training regimen.

Ready rooms are designed to be clean and functional with grey oiled oak timber joinery contrasting with champagne brick pavers which edge the slip resistant and easily washable seamless rubber flooring.

A separate vet area is fitted with seamless rubber floors which slope to a floor drain for easy cleaning. Custom designed vet 'crush' allows on site simple veterinary procedures to be performed and is designed with lateral opening side bars for easy access with horses that are difficult to manage.

A fully air-conditioned, floor to ceiling glazed gallery space equipped with lounge and bar permit the visitor to witness the working horses from an aerial vantage point whilst being hosted within a comfortable and contemporary space.

Outside training ring

Indoor Training Area

Horse pens